How to clean copper mesh

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This copper mesh has been specifically designed for use as a structured, catalytic packing medium for use in reflux column stills to remove sulphide containing molecules from alcohol vapours during distilling.

How to bend copper in tight coils

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Bending copper coils is easy when working with (relatively) large coil diamters (in relation to the copper tube diameter). However, it becomes another story when you try to bend really tight coils.

Heat control during distillation with electric heating elements

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A heat controller allows you to adjust the amount of heat input into the mash.

Heads, harts and tails

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By carefully watching the thermometer readings, viewing, tasting and smelling the product, you would be able to perform "cuts" at the most appropriate times to ensure optimum production of the "good stuff".

Distillique's Electric boilers

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The Distillique Boilers are matched in size and capacity to compliment the Distillique Compact Still to give you the most controllable and energy efficient setup.

Distilling witblits in the mountains

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Deep in the mountains in the vicinity of Mosselbay, a small distillery is only operated in grape season to produce witblits (unaged grape brandy). This distillery is definitely not your "normal" distillery and the first impressions lasted during the whole "tour" of the distillery.

Six stages of drunkness

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The effects of alcohol hit your brain like a tidal wave. You can go from jovial, to falling-down drunk, to dead and it doesn't take very long to get there.

Distillers, Craft distillers and Artisan distillers

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works only with his hands while distilling, is a labourer.
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