Measuring alcohol strength

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The alcohol concentration of a distillate is determined by measuring its density using a special hydrometer also known as an alcoholmeter

Mash boiling temperatures

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In the distilling industry, there are many myths which have persisted over many years. One of these myths is the belief that you should boil your mash at a certain temperature to “boil off” the alcohol before the water starts boiling - and everyone who starts distilling knows this!

How to use your Alcohol meter to measure SG

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Quite often we get asked for hydrometers that can measure the SG (Secific Gravity) of liquids that is lighter than oil. Many of these requests concern the SG measurement of oils and other light petroleum products.

How to use a hydrometer/alcoholmeter

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When you receive your hydrometer/alcohol meter - be CAREFUL how you open it!

How to seal a leaking riveted copper pot

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A riveted copper pot is beautiful to look at and will give you many years of enjoyable distilling hours. However, as copper contracts and expands quite a lot with temperature changes it sometimes (but seldom) may cause leaking around seams and copper riveted joins that have not been soldered.

How to recirculate cooling water for your still

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With water a relative scarce resource in South Africa, it is common practise to recirculate cooling water for stills. The following diagram provides a "best practise" for a recirculating system

How to make your own distilling parrot

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A distilling parrot is used to read the %alcohol of you distillate continuously while distilling. The distillate flows into the parrot from the bottom, fills the 20mm pipe and overflows at the top of the 20mm pipe into the 54 to 20mm reducer and from their out again through the other 8mm pipe.

How to estimate a still's production capacity

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The production capacity of a pot still is normally specified in Liter AA (absolute alcohol) per batch.
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