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Once a cooper has selected their oak type, barrel size and seasoning qualities they can then select which level of thermal degrading to apply to the inside of the cask relative to the liquid it will have in it and the desired character of that liquid.


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Of all of the species of hard wood in the world, there is a very good reason why we only use oak.


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If there is one thing that we all go a bit crazy for, it’s oak matured spirits. Even if you are not a big spirits lover, odds are good you’ve indulged frequently on other such oaked products like Balsamic Vinegar, Worcestershire or Tabasco sauces. For those who have discovered the world of a well-aged whisky, tequila, brandy, rum or fortified wine, a lot of appreciation is given to a bottle carrying buzz terms like extra añejo, solera, single bar


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Custom bottles can provide a unique look and provide large brand benefits, but Craft Distillers must evaluate the pros and cons.

Want to import distilling equipment ?- do your homework!

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If you would like to import equipment yourself, please make sure you do your homework well!

The impact of the Rand value on Distillers

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istillique just received a new shipment of amazing equipment and it was with a sense of shock that we calculated the new prices. Although the US Dollar prices remained almost the same, the landed costs increased dramatically from our previous large shipment. WHAT WENT WRONG?

Distillery waste management plan

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Note: due to the limited knowledge of most officials (outside the Western Cape) involved in the granting of micro manufacturing licenses, we tried to keep the wording as simple as possible. Distilling terms such as "stillage" has deliberately been omitted - simply because officials are to uniformed to know what it means.

A and B numbers on spirit and wine bottles in South Africa

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Each bottle of spirits or wine sold in South Africa should have an "A-number" or a "B-number" printed on it
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