How to use a hand fruit press

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A fruit press is used to literally press all the juice, contained in soft fruit, out of the fruit and to collect it for fermentation.

How to store and handle yeast and nutrients

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To retain the "activeness" of active dry yeast, storing it is as important, as opening it up. The tow main factors that negatively influence shelf-life are: High temperatiures and moisture.

How to select yeast

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Selecting yeast for fermentation depends on your requirements and end objectives. When selecting a yeast, we normally work backwards from our end objectives and that will indicate how we should start and what type of yeast we should use.

How to rehydrate dried yeast properly

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Yeast rehydration is the process whereby dry yeast is rehydrated and “brought to life” from its dormant passive state.

How to measure alcohol percentage in sugary solutions

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All floating types of alcohol meters (hydrometers) rely on the density of the liquid being measured and convert the density reading to an appropriate scale such as the Guy-Lussac scale (alcohol percentage by volume - %abv).

How to calculate your cooling water flow requirements

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It is fairly easy to calculate the approximate coolant water flow requirements for your still. The following method is a simplification (and contains a margin of error) but fo rthe average small scale distiller, this method works just fine.

How to calculate sugar requirements for fermentations

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"How much sugar should I add to my fermentation" is a regular question we regularly receive.

DIY - making fruit wine in 7 easy steps

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In short, to make fruit wine at home you will be preparing fruit, add yeast and nutrients to it and let mother nature do the rest to create your wine.
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