No sugar fermentations allowed in Gauteng
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Interesting extract from the Gauteng liquor act

In the Gauteng liquor act, which is applicable to micro-manufacturers of alcohol, it is seemingly ILLEGAL to ferment sugar, treacle or any other substrances, by whatever name they are known!...and as a result, no rum may be produced in Gauteng by any legally operating micro-distiller, and, according to some officials, any fermentation by implication is therefor illegal.

The Gauteng liquor law defines a "concoction" as follows:

When we asked an official what the term: "other sunstances by whatever name they are known" means, the arrogant, and stupid official remarked: "It says exactly what it means, you may not ferment any other substances"... which in fact can be interpreted to imply that NO alcohol may be produced through any fermentation process!

What the poor official does not realise is that potable alcohol can ONLY be produced by the fermentation of sugar...and nothing else. Fruit, is a source of sugar for fermentation. The starch in maize is converted to sugars and these sugars are then fermented. According to the official: "Any sugar in whatever form" is illegal to ferment!

... and then the law prohibits, the fermentation of sugar based washes (in paragraph 123.1(a) and (b) and also the distillation thereof (in paragraph (d)...hence no rum to be distilled.

Following the law to the letter, (and according to the ignorant official) it therefor implies that a whole act was written ,approved and promulgated to regulate micro-manufacturers of alcohol who are not allowed to manufacture any alcohol with a sugar base. Heaven forbids that officials like these inspect ANY micro-distiller in Gauteng.

Luckily the this silly Gauteng law does not apply to other provinces (with their own laws), home distillers registered as article 116 manufacturers and mega-manufacturers of alcohol as they are regulated under the more sensible National Liquor Act (59 of 2003)

Extract from the silly Gauteng liquor Act:

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