Imbecilic actions of South African Government
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July 2011:

In a imbecilic attempt to curb “excessive boozing and the growing number of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) cases”, the Gauteng MEC Qedani Mahlangu recently announced that a moratorium will be placed on all new liquor license applications from mid August 2011. This moratorium includes manufacturing AND retailing licenses.

The ridiculous situation now unfolds where the MEC now actually acts against the Provincial objective to support economic development - also in the liquor industry!

Also, the recent inability of the Department of Trade’s "Commission of intellectual property and companies" (CIPC),  to register new companies in South Africa for more than two months is similarly an indication that new business is actively being discouraged by Government's actions.

These recent two failures in service delivery highlight the attempts of Government to hide their incompetence and inability behind imbecilic cloaks on illogic reasoning.

As the prohibition laws  on alcohol In various parts of the world has failed since 1907, so this MEC will fail to curb “excessive boozing and the growing number of FAS cases” through her imbicilic actions… It is blatantly clear that the MEC is rather trying to hide her portfolio’s inability to deliver services within her mandate. This obviously gives us all more reason to distill from home.

Luckily a few sane people are trying to stop this with an court order application, scheduled for hearing on the 10th of August 2011.

We still believe that sanity will prevail and that the judge will decide against The MEC's imbecilic actions trying to hide incompetence and laziness.

In follow up of the case:

September 2011:

During the courtcase, it became evident the the "excessive boozing and foetal alcohol sindrome" excuse was indeed an excuse to hide their incompetency. The judge allowed the moratorium to be implemented "to give the Liquor board a chance to catch up on their backlog". On the expiry date of the moratoriuym, the backlog was still not fully fact, far from being addressed.

02 August 2012:

The Gauteng liquopr board (or liquor agency as they would like to be called now) is still incapable of issueing licenses and applications entered has still received no attention. Walk into their offices and you see piles and piles of applications on floors... with no index of where which file is.... and if you would like to retrieve you file, you're not allowed to do so.

This is off-course if you find any official in the empty corridors and offices.... "they are not at the office bevause they are apparently inspecting applicants"...but without any proof of achieving anything or actually inspecting anything other than the quality of beer at their local shebeens.


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