DA104 - eventually remembered by SARS
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Have you ever tried to request a DA104 form from SARS (to get a permit to own a still) and been told that it does not exist?

Do not feel alone. Most distillers went through the pain of requesting the form from SARS and have been met by ignorant and/or non-interested SARS staff who would bluntly tell you that "such a form does not exist".

One of the the reasons for this (apart from poor training and lack of interest) was that SARS did not realise that this form was not available in electronic format on their website as most others.

Luckily this has now been rectified (after requesting them literally for years to do so) and the DA104 form is now available on their website at this link.

We stongly believe that this is just another case of this government showing incompetence. Although the form was originally designed somewhere in the 1960's, it mysteriously disappeared from official's memories since about the year 2007. Luckily on the 18th of August 2017, this form has now eventually been "found" and published on the SARS's website!

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