Booze-cream - Alcohol ice-cream!
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Boozy ice-cream for hot summer parties!

Normally alcohol in ice-cream is a bit of a problem. As the alcohol does not freeze with the ice-cream, it quickly seeps out of the ice-cream and leaves gravitates to the bottom of a bowl. This recipe does away with te problem and even after three weeks, the alcohol stays suspended throughout the ice cream.

The recipe provides you with an incredible smooth and yummy ice-cream.

The recipe will make between 1.5 and 2 liter of ice cream - enough for about 25 (60 gram) scoops.

You will need:

  • Equipment:
    1. An ice-cream making machine or;
    2. at least 1kg of dry-ice and and a food/dough mixer (not a blender)
  • 150 gram ice-cream powder and 3 gram of alcohol suspender (buy both here)
  • Alcohol base:any one of the following
    1. For champagne ice-cream:
      1. 600ml champagne
      2. 150g sugar
      3. 400ml water
    2. For red wine ice-cream:
      1. 550 ml red wine (i.e. Cabernet)
      2. 130g sugar
      3. 450 ml water
    3. For beer ice-cream:
      1. 800 ml of your favourite beer
      2. 180g sugar
      3. 200 ml water
    4. For spirited ice-cream(from 43% abv spirits like brandy or whisky)
      1. 200ml of your favourite 43% abv alcohol
      2. 800 ml water
      3. 150 g sugar
    5. For liqueur ice-cream(from 28% abv spirits)
      1. 100 ml liqueur
      2. 900 ml water
      3. 120-150 gram sugar
    6. For high flavoured vodka ice-cream
      1. 200ml vodka
      2. Any one of our vodka flavouring essences
      3. 800ml water
      4. 160ml sugar


The following instructions are for using a normal food mixer and dry ice. If you use an ice-cream maker, the dry-ice is not required. Then just follow the instructions of your ice-cream maker.

WARNING: Dry-ice can lead to frostbite when handled for longer than a second with bare hands. Use oven gloves to handle it.


STEP1: Cool the water and alcohol base in your fridge. The colder the water and alcohol, the less dry-ice you would require.

STEP 2: Add the water and alcohol base into the mixing bowl of the food mixer and start mixing

STEP 3: Add the ice-cream powder to the liquid while mixing

STEP 4: Add the alcohol suspender into a small cup. Add about 2 teaspoons of water to it and microwave for 10 seconds (do not let it boil). Mix the alcohol suspender into the water to form a soft liquid gel.

STEP 5: Add the soft liquid gel slowly to the mixing liquid in your mixer. Stop the mixer and allow the mixture to mature for 30 minutes before going to step 7.

STEP 6: Place the dry-ice into a carton or wrap it in a cloth and hit it with a hammer to break into small pieces (cubes of about 20 to 30mm)

The dry-ice before "hammering"

STEP 7: Start the mixer again. While the mixer is mixing, start adding dry-ice blocks. Two or three at a time. It will start smoking heavily! As the smoke becomes less, add more dry-ice. Keep this up for about 15-20 minutes

The video shows the churning process. Blow into the bowl to remove some of the smoke to monitor the progress. Over the 15-20 minute period, the liquid will slowly turn thicker, increase in volume and become colder. Feel the temperature on the outside of the mixing bowl. It should eventually become ice cold.

STEP 8: When the  liquid has turned into ice-cream, stop mixing and let the remaining dry ice in the bowl just evaporate. Use a spatula and scrape all ice-cream into a tub for freezing.

The ice-cream will last up to three weeks in the freezer after preparation.

This is what it looks like after being frozen.

STEP 9: Serve and enjoy!  This is VERY nice ice-cream. Just remember that it contains alcohol... don't eat to much!

 The booz-cream freezes very well. Even after three weeks, the alcohol did not separate from the rest of the ice-cream. We also found that ice-crystals did not form on the booze-cream - not even after repeated opening and closing of the bucket in which it was kept.

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