Maroela mampoer

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From deep in the dry Namibia, the "Holy Shit Kitchen Distillery” made a bit of history when their Marula mampoer totally overshadowed the other, long existing mampoer distillers at the game festival. People form literally across the world attended the festival and now, the "Holy Shit kitchen distillers” just have to keep up with the supply!

Making caramel

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Caramel is a favourite colouring for many alcohol based beverages. It immediately gives a brandy, whiskey or even dark rum colour to your unaged brandy, rum or whiskey.

Kirsch Schnapps

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Brandy made from cherries is known as kirshwasser or simply Kirsch. The most famous kirsch comes from the Alsatian-Loren, Daubs (Mouthiers), Brittany or other regions of France, Germany or Switzerland.