A and B numbers on spirit and wine bottles in South Africa

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Each bottle of spirits or wine sold in South Africa should have an "A-number" or a "B-number" printed on it
With ESKOM's recent and foreseeable failure to supply consistent electricity, we received a number of enquiries about alternative energy sources and how to convert electrically heated stills for using alternative energy sources.

Naughty Jelly

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This is a really fun way to end a great dinner with friends! ...or off-course it can be enjoyed even without the dinner with great effects!


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There are a number of ways to produce Gin but the details, ingredient mix and quantities used, are shrouded in secrecy with commercial Gin distillers.

Booze-cream - Alcohol ice-cream!

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Normally alcohol in ice-cream is a bit of a problem. As the alcohol does not freeze with the ice-cream, it quickly seeps out of the ice-cream and leaves gravitates to the bottom of a bowl. This recipe does away with te problem and even after three weeks, the alcohol stays suspended throughout the ice cream.

Pot still calculator

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