Tripple-S (Salt, Sour, Sweet) cocktail

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The Triple-S molecular cocktail lends it's name to three primary tastes: Salt, Sour, Sweet and the use of the "molecularly" prepared spirited caviar.

How to rehydrate dried yeast properly

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Yeast rehydration is the process whereby dry yeast is rehydrated and “brought to life” from its dormant passive state.

How to measure alcohol percentage in sugary solutions

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All floating types of alcohol meters (hydrometers) rely on the density of the liquid being measured and convert the density reading to an appropriate scale such as the Guy-Lussac scale (alcohol percentage by volume - %abv).

The Distillique adjustable reflux column still

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Through the ages many still designs were used, starting from the ancient alembic pot stills to the latest adjustable reflux stills.

How to use your Alcohol meter to measure SG

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Quite often we get asked for hydrometers that can measure the SG (Secific Gravity) of liquids that is lighter than oil. Many of these requests concern the SG measurement of oils and other light petroleum products.

Heat control during distillation with electric heating elements

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A heat controller allows you to adjust the amount of heat input into the mash.

Distillique's Electric boilers

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The Distillique Boilers are matched in size and capacity to compliment the Distillique Compact Still to give you the most controllable and energy efficient setup.