Commercial Craft Distillery Equipment

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Commercial Craft Distillery Equipment

Please read the following Sizing criteria

Please read the following Sizing criteria at this link.



  • Complete distilleries

    A few "Standard packaged" distilleries to give you an indication of what equipment is requried in a small commercial distillery.

    These "packages" are however not definitive and we could add or remove components to customize your distillery to your exact requirements.


  • Material handling

    Various items needed in small distilleries to assist in handling material too heavy or difficult to handle by hand.

  • Raw material processing

    Various items to process raw materials (fruit, grain, tubers) before fermentation. These include mash tuns, liquid/solid separators etc. 

  • Fermentation

    All fermentation and related equipment from 220L fermentation drums to 1600L s/s fermentation tanks.

  • Still boilers

    Commercial craft still boilers with capacities between 100L and 800L

  • Distilling columns

    Distilling columns in different sizes and configurations.

  • Multi column stills and boilers

    Still configurations for multipurpose distillations. Distill fom aromatic spirits (i.e. brandy, calvados) to the purest vodka - by the switch of a lever.

  • Post distillation equipment

    Items such as spirit safes, holding/blending and infusion tanks.

  • Bottling equipment

    Bottle rinsers, fillers, sealers, cappers, labellers etc.

  • Measurement and Laboratory equipment

    Measurment and Laboratory Equipment for the Professional Craft Distiller

  • Automation and control solutions

    Automation solutions to assist the Professional Craft Distiller to achieve consistency and allowing more time to be spent on developing new products rather than spending time on production aspects.

  • Cooling solutions

    Equipment for mash, still condensor and fermentation tank cooling/chilling solutions

  • Installation and commissioning services

    Distillique provides full installation and distillery commissioning services

  • Bulk Consumables

    Consumables such as yeast, nutrients, botanicals, enzymes etc. as used by commercial craft distilleries.