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Accessories for the 15l round still in order to distill while under vacuum.
R 1,200.00

Essential oil pot still with HUGE column for botanicals.
R 43,700.00

The water circulation vacuum pump uses water to pull a vacuum. This unit can be used for the application of pulling a vacuum in the 15l round still. 
R 8,400.00

Stainless steel distilling parrot to connect to 1.5 inch condenser of your 15l round still with a adjustable ball valve on the bottom for drainage.
R 2,200.00

Extend your 15l round still to increase distilling efficiency and purity by adding a 4 inch bubble glass section.
R 2,750.00

4 inch gin/aroma basket to fit the 15l round still. This glass section will fit in between the boiler and vapor head where you can insert all your...
R 2,750.00

Measures in steps of 1% alcohol from 0% to 100% A short alcohol meter for small distilling parrots. Length- 210mm
R 285.00

French oak barrel to matue your spirits for those lovely woody aromas and golden colour. If you would like a tap fitted please specify and buy a...
R 610.00